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8 Reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly - Nerd Digital

8 Reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly

11 September 2017

01.  Google will love you

In 2016 Google began actively rewarding sites that were mobile friendly with better rankings. There’s a lot of elements that go into Googles (very secret) ranking algorithms but you want to give your site the best chance of coming up and being mobile friendly helps.

02.  It's got a larger audience than your computer

At the end of 2016 Mobile visitors to websites surpassed the average of desktop users. This means that if your site is not responsive, then it’s not going to be functional for the largest group of online readers.

03.  It can work from any platform

Thankfully we don’t have to build a separate website for every platform (we used to). A modern website on a responsive build will work for mobile, tablet, desktop. You don’t need to choose the ‘main’ one, one site can work for all.

04.  It's user friendly

Modern mobile sites are simpler in order to cater to the function of our phones. A nice by-product of this is that they are normally easier for users to browse, especially important if your audience includes the technically challenged.

05.  Higher Interaction with your audience

Mobiles are…mobile. By ensuring compatibility with mobile users you’re enabling your audience to access you around the clock no matter where they are.

06.  Getting Local

Mobiles enable better audience knowledge through location statistics. Knowing where your users are checking in with you can inform a lot of decisions around the growth of your business.

07.  Immediate interaction

Mobile interaction with your audience enables you to interact with them on a more immediate basis. Rolling out a new campaign or rush deal? These are possible on very short timelines if your site and systems are supporting users on the go.

08.  Your users can find you

Not just online. 94% of mobile users use mobile sites and results to find the locations of businesses. Sure you can just rely on a Google listing for this but know that many users will immediately then search your main site before they arrive, and if it doesn’t work from their phone, they aren’t going home to look it up again.

Your site not doing so well? Talk to us about making it compatible today.