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To clack or not to clack. "Why do you own so many keyboards?" - Nerd Digital

To clack or not to clack.
“Why do you own so many keyboards?”

23 August 2017

I get a LOT of comments on my keyboards. People see them when I take them out and about (yes they go on field trips) and they always comment about the colours, the sound and how fun they are. I’ve become accustomed to the next question that always follows:


“How much is one of those?”

The incredulous looks I receive when I explain that they range from $140 to $300 depending on the key sets, switches and the base model I’m using (not even going into custom builds) are always entertaining to me. For some reason, we find it perfectly acceptable to spend that amount on a single item of clothing that can get varying amounts of use but when we’re considering an essential office item that we use every single day, it seems completely unreasonable to people.


The Stanley Parable has advice for people in drab workspaces

So why do I have so many? They all type the same things right?

Well, that’s true. Mostly it’s simply because they make me happy. Working in the digital world, I often hear people saying “I could never work at a computer all day” and I can visualise what they imagine when they think of that. And you know what? It looks awful.

It’s drab, it’s boring, it’s the Stanley Parable, without the parable (an excellent computer game for those wondering). They’re envisioning a slow death in front of a grey/brushed metal laptop, on an average office chair, a black keyboard, a cheap mouse and maybe they see a customised wallpaper if they’ve got a bit of imagination.


Most offices have a policy of some sort regarding office ergonomics. The larger companies will even have someone come in to check your work space and make sure you aren’t slowly giving yourself a chronic injury as you slowly pass out at your desk.

Very few offices have someone who makes sure your workspaces makes you feel happy. You have to take care of that yourself. Mine isn’t perfect, but for me it is and my keyboards are a large part of that. I’ve had them for years now and I’m still excited, I mean that, genuinely excited, when I have a large body of text to type because the colours, sounds and CLACK of the keys are just satisfying to me.


Nerd Digital Computer set up
01..  A Mechanical KeyboardNerd Digital Keyboards

Sounds, touch, visual, it’s all there. These are immensely satisfying to type with and you will never want to use a $20 supermarket keyboard again. Yes, they cost a bit more but they also last an incredibly long time, are repairable and customisable.

02..  A Secondary Monitor

This is not just a comfort item, a second monitor is life changing in terms of productivity. You can literally do two things at once without constantly switching tabs. Some people go a little far with this, so while 6 monitors is fun, two is fine for most.

03..  A Screen Raiser/Adjustable Desk

At the very least getting your screen set up at the right height will appease the ergonomics team that is trying to save your back. But, having the option to swap between sitting, standing, squatting or sitting on a stupid exercise ball takes it one step further and can go a long way to making you feel less ‘trapped’ in your work space.

04..  A quality Mouse and Mouse Pad

It is all about the glide. You shouldn’t need to beat your mouse into submission each time you want it on the opposite edge of your screen. A quality mouse with decent sensitivity and additional buttons is a good start, a quality mouse pad finishes it off. Most people reading this are probably using a free promotional mouse pad, back of a book or simply the table top or surface their computer is on. Do yourself a favour and look at desk length mouse pads. They protect the surface, give you unrestricted mouse freedom, last longer and just feel amazing.

05..  Headphones

Thankfully the rise in personal music use means that most people have access to an acceptable set of headphones. But if you’re still using the set you got free with your iPod you deserve to be miserable. Ok maybe not, but you can get an incredible set of headphones of as little as $20 (we aren’t kidding, contact us if you want to know what we recommend).

06..  Toys, Fidgets, Random Junk

Even if you haven’t jumped on the Fidget Spinner train, there’s probably some small items that make you happy and can make your desk feel a little more like home. Terrariums, novelty mugs, miniatures, Fidget Cubes and the obligatory workplace comic strips are all classic ways to brighten your space up.