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Magic Tip #1 Checking your site is listed on Google - Nerd Digital

Magic Tip #1 Checking your site is listed on Google

17 August 2017

It's not magic, it shouldn't cost extra and you can do it yourself

Being #1 in Google is difficult, takes a lot of experience, unique content, long term work and sometimes a bit of magic.

However, just being listed in Google?

That’s one of the easiest things in the world.

Lots of digital companies will proudly tell you that a benefit of going with them, is that they will list your site in Google and hundreds of other search engines. I would suggest that if your web developer ISN’T doing this you need to leave them. Below are the mysterious steps involved in checking that Google is at least aware that your site exists.

Go to www.google.com

I have included a handy image in case you are unsure, it should look like this.

Type in “site:yoursitename.com” to the search bar. Replace yoursitename.com with the URL for your business.

Hit Enter.

If you get ANY results on the first page where the GREEN URL (see the example) is your web address, then the answer is YES. Google does know your site exists.

If, instead, you get the following message stating there are no results OR there are pages shown but none of them are from your website.

This means Google does not know your site exists. Don’t panic, we can help you fix it. Go to Step 2.

If your site was listed, and you were able to see your results, this means you will come up in Google searches and you have a possibility of being stumbled upon by people searching the web. Congratulations!

If your site did not come up this means that no matter how good your site is, no matter how much content you write, no matter how much product you sell, people will not be able to find you through Google.

If your site wasn’t listed, your heart rate has probably gone up a few notches. Let’s bring that back down, here’s the hardest part of this tutorial…

Type ‘submit site’ into a Google search bar and the following will come up. In the “Have a new site?” field, enter your site URL and hit submit.

You’re done, that’s it.

Still not coming up where you think you should be?

These things can take time and if you’ve only just submitted your site to Google then it can take a few days for you to show up.

If you’ve submitted the site, you’ve been patient and you STILL aren’t coming up where you think you should that’s when you need a Nerd. Search Engine Optimisation is an incredibly spammy part of the website industry but it’s essential for businesses competing in crowded industries. If you’ve tried everything else, talk to us and we can advise you on other options to get your business where it belongs.